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Default Re: Does size matter....ok we know it more in mma, or boxing

Originally Posted by HeGlassedMe View Post
Brock prove muscles win fights.

Boxing is about skill.
ufc is a bodybuilding contest.
No he did not prove that. Say what you like about Brocks FAKE pro wrestling entertainment background. The fact is Brock was VERY ATHELTICALLY skilled for a very BIG FELLA. Alot of speed for that size. That is very UNUSUAL. Brock is huge but his size is not very UNUSUAL. The amount of guys as big as him or bigger is endless. They could not compete in MMA with the success that Brock had. Trust me, many of them have tried and failed at levels that often dont even reach the mainstream fan. Happens all the time.

As for Brock, in the end his muscles did not even win him fights as look at his fight with Cain? If a fighter could prevent Brock from bum rushing him and force him to stand and trade his stand up was very LIMITED. Brock proved only what was proven time and again in MMA since before the very first UFC. Top notch wrestling ability translates VERY WELL into top notch MMA ability. It does not translate perfectly just as BJJ etc does not translate perfectly. Simply put in a fight with LESS rules the ability to grapple is HUGE. The reason A Silva is so good OVERALL is ALSO because he can grapple. No he may not be able to grapple better than the best his divsion has to offer and YES his grappling ability is NOT the STRONGEST part of his fighting ability, however, Silva can grapple with the BEST of them and has done exactly that.
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