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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Originally Posted by general zod View Post
Back in the late 80's the top British promoter was Mickey Duff, but that all changed when ****** came back after almost being killed by an unknown gunman. During his time away from the spotlight he had entered into a business deal with King, which basically made him the man on the British promoter scene. Not sure what the exact details were only that they were partners and co-promoted events like Eubank-Close, Bruno-Mccall and Benn-McClellan. Most British guys saw which way the wind was blowing and jumped onto the ****** bandwagon:Benn, Bruno,Collins. ****** also had promising up and coming guys like Hatton and Hamed.

It was because of Hamed that ****** and King would fall out. ****** did not believe that King was pushing Hamed's career in America and their partnership would end when Waaren tired to sue King. A mistake which would blow up in his face and he would lose millions.

I have never come across any article/interview with King showing any interest in Calzaghe. There is a very good chance that King would of contacted ****** about a match up between Calzaghe and Liles, because King tried to match Liles up with other ****** fighters like Benn, Collins and Woodhall.
Thanks a lot for your great reply, I really appreciate it! Fascinating stuff once again.

Regards, Loudon.
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