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Default Re: 140 Khabib WBA, Provodnikov WBO, Shafikov IBF

Originally Posted by Vysotsky View Post
Российский, feel better?

Khabib is from Dagestan, Shafikov a Bashkir from the Southern Urals and Provodnikov a Mansi from the Northern Urals. They're all Russian citizens belonging to ethnic groups that are indigenous to Russia whose folk have lived on their land for well over a Millenium. Funny how people have no problem calling an African "British" yet those same people wont call a Bashkir like Shafikov whose people are actually from that land Russian. The marvel and hypocrisy of liberal indoctrination.

With that addressed how about we talk about the boxers and division.
Thats exactly right they are people from a Region that was conquered by Russians. They are not indigenous to "Russia"

Im sure if they dropped these Slavic Suffixes no one would mistake them for Russians except or the ones that sort of look Russian. Then their names would be Magomed Abdulsulahmamed. WIthout the ov/aev/ev there would be no confusion, sort of like Armenians or Georgians

* Ive a read a few forums where Russia and the Caucasian regions were discussed, im no expert but I have an understanding of whats going on*
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