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Default Re: What did boxing look like when you first got into it? (nostalgia thread)

I remember watching Richie Wenton vs Belcastro and remember shadowboxing pretending i was facing Belcastro. I always remember McGuigan on commentary mentioning the horse leather gloves and how they really mark up and cut skin.

The era i was brought into boxing was great man, seriously fun times. Remember the news when Bradley Stone was taken into hospital. That's why i was angry about the belt being held over a bin the over week.

Can remember my dad baying for McClellan's blood and the crowd. I can remember sitting in kitchen listening on radio Eubank lose to Collins. Sat there in shock...

Then as time went on remember the fine LMW and LW divisions domestically and remember a little bit of hype around guys like Angel Manfredy and then Floyd beat him up.

I just wish i had loads of VHS of all of those memories and put them on DVD's. I'd sit there for whole of Christmas with loads of twiglets and coke and harp back to those glory days.
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