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Default Re: Why did Canelo run away after Trout beat Cotto?

Originally Posted by Quincy K View Post
what you dont understand is that this is the only way trout will get canelo into the embarassing him in front of 100's of thousands of people.

you dont think that this was planned? i can almost guarantee this guy doesnt speak spanish. he got the translation to spit directly into sauls face, in his own language. i speak passable spanish and if i have a problem here in mexico with a mexican national that speaks both english and spanish the **** goes down in spanish.

he just won the biggest fight of his career and all hes thinking about is canelo and how to get him in the ring. and last night he let everone know that he wants canelo and if saul doesnt fight him then hes a fraud.

all these legit jmws cant wait to fight canelo and they are calling him out.

you dont think thats odd?

you dont call a guy out if you think youre going to lose.
For all we know Canelo could've made a trip to the restroom to take a ****. Jesus. Why are fans so obsessed with downplaying a fighter's courage? It's like they jump on every meaningless opportunity they get. Next thing you know we'll hear Canelo's a coward just because he wouldn't punch a gorilla at the zoo.

Trout doesn't need to resort to all that useless jazz you speak of. There's enough fan interest to see the Canelo-Trout fight that Saul will feel pressure. If Canelo ends up fighting a lesser opponent then fire away with your criticism. Otherwise calling him out for not participating in some kind of cheesy face-off is just utterly ridiculous and childish. You'll see plenty of that during pre fight pressers anyway. So why does it matter so much? It doesn't. And that's the truth.
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