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Default Re: Why do ppl always say Duran moved up 2 weightclasses to beat Leonard?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
Ray was not peak. He was on the second defense of his first title. And the proof he was not peak is that had he been peak and fought his fight he would have beaten Duran easily like he did the other two times. Duran was an easy fight for him if Ray fought his fight. Duran could never deal with Ray's lateral movement. Ironically Benitez didn't use lateral movement with feet and he beat Duran easily. When Duran fought Benitez, I thought Duran could do better, but Benitez's upper movement is what beat Duran. I didn't think he could that easily. I had it a pickem fight in 1982. Hard to believe that fight was almost 31 year ago.
OK, this is supposed to funny, right?

"beaten Duran easily like e did the other two times..." You mean the time when the SRL team was smart enough to sign Duran to a rematch 5 months later because they rightly knew Duran would not train and would be partying the whole time. And all credit to them for this wise tactic. But really, the cards were very close at No Mas. Had a Duran as prepared as the Montreal version showed up in New Orleans it would have been another very close fight. Or do you mean the 38 year old Duran who was a lot more miss than hit and seemingly showed up for a paycheck. Is that version of Duran a pelt on which to hang your cap?

Again, all credit to Leonard for New Orleans. But nothing about it was easy. He had the correct tactic of a quick rematch and still it was close.

Does anyone even remember that Duran was the World Lightweight Champion for SIX YEARS and that was his peak?
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