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Default Re: GSP apparently asking for 50Mill

Originally Posted by 300press View Post
I am sure the UFC could pay both Silva and GSP 50 million to make this fight happen. UFC is cheap and they wont even come close to that.
The UFC's highest grossing event was Lesnar-Mir 2 with 1.6M buys, second highest was Lesnar-Carwin with 1.1M buys, and 3rd highest(tied) was Lesnar-Velasquez with 1.05M Buys.

Outside of Lesnar, the only match to break 1 Million buys was Liddell-Ortiz back in 2006. Everybody else has topped out at 1M or usually below.

Now this would be the largest fight in UFC history by far in terms of skill level. But to pay each guy $50M($100M total) plus an undercard of $5M (so $105M), never mind the cost of promotion they would need to sell 2.1M PPVs(with an average price of $50), and that assumes they have to pay cable providers nothing to show it. Now some of that is recouped in advertising(ring mat ads, official beer, etc.) and the live Gate. But still that's asking for double what either of these guys have accomplished in their careers and asking for 500K more than what Brock Lesnar, who had the WWE's hype machine behind him for years and was bringing a new fanbase to MMA with him, had done. I don't see that happening.
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