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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs Lennox Lewis

I love how people are completely writing off Wlad in this fight. Talking about "When Lewis lands, it's over." What about when Wlad cracks Lewis with that 1-2 or left hook. Lewis was barely standing after Vitali 1-2'd him. Wladimir would put him on his back. South Africa all over again for Lewis.

Wladimir has faster hands, faster on his feet, hits a lil harder, just as physically strong, and has a jab that's a little better than Lewis was. Lol I highly doubt this fight would be this walk in the park that some Klitschko haters think it would be. It would be one of those fights where Wlad is forced to open up and let his hands go or pay the price. And I think once he does... Lewis is eating right hands harder than he's ever felt.
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