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Default Re: How important is strength in punching power?

Originally Posted by OMGWTF View Post
Ive always suspected some guys like Foreman Tua etc hit hard because they are very strong, and some guys hit hard (tyson, pacman) because they are very fast.

One punches sharp (tyson /pacman)

One punches slow but with great force (george /tua/ rocky)

Remember george was the same weight as tyson, so it was another factor/'s other than sheer weight. Also Rocky wasnt particularly heavy or fast and yet he hit like hell.

So theres alot more to punching power than just speed and bodyweight.
Great thread my man. But I think you may need some help with having punches and contact explained to you. ( from my point of view ). Your right about Foreman possessing great brute force Power, and your right about Tyson havin that speed+power and I do like how you threw Pac in there amongst a handfull of HW's...Strength is always important when talking about Punching Power, but not always necessary. If a boxer has it and knows how to use it and has good enough defense to match his Power shouts then thats great, but not always the case. Same goes for Pac division 147. There are great fighter throughout the history of boxing that werent known as the strongest or most powerful fighters..guys that were known for Knockin people out. And history will tell you that these guys that arent puttin all the opponents out, are the greatest fighter ever. Great, smart boxing is how you expose a man who he throwin hands with you simply to knock you out, stay calm, keep your hands up, use your head movment, and when the big guy misses!!..You make him pay.

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