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Default Re: Did Fury perform better against Kingpin than Vitali?

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
furys easy handling of johnson proves it.

the early rounds slaughter by leapai of johnson took too much out of johnson. you cant take blows like that and not be damaged. alex was 2 seconds from stopping johnson. johnson was hurt bad and said after the fight..."that is the most brutal mother ****er ive ever fought".

just because johnson got the win, doesnt mean he didnt become damaged goods. the murderous punches alex rained down on johnson have taken their toll, like fury proved.

johnson won the fight, but he hit alex less. alex did more damage to johnson than johnson did to alex. on paper it says johnson won, but physically and mentally he lost, and alex has grown.

its a funny thing sports psycology. especially in boxing. you can become old overnight, like jones and fenech.

alex could fight johnson over and over. but johnson couldnt handle fighting alex over and over. he just couldnt take the bashing.

the ref should have stopped the fight and awarded the fight to alex, and saved johnson from the extra damage alex imposed on him.

leapai hits harder than any heavy in the world. the bashing johnson took was merciless. johnson lost something that day. alex found something. boxing is a brutal game. and thedamage big heavyweights do to eachothers brains and commitment cant be underestimated.

fury is tall, but he aint no klit. he his solid, but he aint no tyson.

fury just beat a damaged fighter in kevin johnson. johnsons last fight was a win. but in reality he was brutally pounded and was 2 seconds from defeat and the ref waiving it off. he ended up stopping a gassed fighter who remained on his feet as the ref stopped it.

but the damage had been done. johnson said after the fight; "that is the most brutal mother****er ive ever fought..".

the evidence is how johnson fought fury like a scared fighter. no offence, just defence. he'd been so badly hurt mentally and physically by his last fight, that even though he got the win, he'd been damaged.

alex leapai from australia/samoa did all the damage. an ex world champ made the observation, "alex could fight another ten kevin johnsons, but kevin jonson couldnt fight another ten alex leapais." johnson took a bad beating that day, he got a win on paper, but physically and mentally he was beaten up badly.

leapai loves taller fighters. his overhand right and both his uppercuts would find a home on furys head. tyson has never been tested like alex would test him. tyson fury wouldnt handle the shots that damaged johnson. fury would be broken.

next year is an 'ashes' year. what better than a pom and an aussie fighting eachother in england? if fury is so good and confident, he could fight alex 'just to keep busy' pretty sure alex would like the fight. would tyson risk his chin against this.........
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