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Default Re: Jeffries v Quarry

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
Those that saw Jeff in his prime ranked him as a very heavy hitter. Along the same Vein as Dempsey and Louis.
When compared to Fitz , his results against common opponents do not stand up.
The distance that several of his better opposition went against him suggests a good but not explosive hitter who relied on attrition to wear his man down.
Damage inflicted on a couple of his challengers is always cited as proof he was a dynamite puncher. I believe smaller gloves, and the fact that most of his challlengers were significantly smaller than him was the reason for this.

If a 220lbs man is hitting an incoming 170/175lbs man with little gloves he should make an impression on him don't you think?
Jeffries hurt Ruhlin to the body, and his corner pulled Gus out, but Ruhlin had been beaten into the ground by Fitzsimmons a year earlier, he lay in a coma like state all night with blood coming out of his ears and a doctor in attendance because there was a real fear he might succumb to his injuries.
Reports stressed how Fitz caved in Ruhlin with body shots.

Jeffries cracked Sharkey's rib so it is claimed ,well 12 weeks later, Sharkey kod Joe Goddard, quick recovery for what is a very painful injury I can assure you.
Sharkey conceding loads of weight, and height ,twice went the distance with Jeffries yet Fitz twice took him out with one punch kos.

The evidence points to Jeffries being a good but not devasting hitter .
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