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Default Re: Buncey - strange behaviour

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can't remember the exact insults that were thrown at bunce to make him leave here...but it is one of the things that will always be wrong with forums.
i like bunce but dont agree with him on a lot of things, and i've told him before......but what happens on forums is faceless people who throw insults at each other, say things that they just wouldnt say if we were all stood in a pub...its easy to be brave enough to insult when you have the safety of not being in the room with someone...but its the nature of forums i suppose and its not going to change....i just prefer good honest debates without all the false faceless insults that sometimes comes with it on forums.......its a pity bunce left here.
Here here mate.

There is no problem disagreeing with anothers view, but there is a way to do it and forums are full of cowardly keyboard warriors who spout bile and hatred because they 'can'.

The vast majority of them wouldn't do it in person, they say they would but then again its easy to say it when you never have to actually prove it.

I for one have a rule that I will never write anything that I wouldn't say to someones face (apart from Scott Harrison that is! ).

Buncey leaving ESB is a definite loss.
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