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Default Re: What did boxing look like when you first got into it? (nostalgia thread)

My interest in boxing started in the early nineties when my day bought me the video of 'Champions Forever'; I watched it over and over again, I absolutely loved it and still do, still the greatest documentary on the sport IMO.

The first boxing matches I remember watching live (and having an interest in them) were both in 1993; I'm giving my age away here, I would have been in my late teens

I remember Bruno Lewis from Cardiff; it was on really late and we had a lock-in at my mates parents pub - it was such a good night

I then remember watching Holyfield Bowe 2; it was on ITV (great days!) and I stayed at my mates house and we slept in the front room, I couldn't believe it when the 'fan man' came in, we both were in shock!

When I went to Uni in late 94 I managed to see Foreman Moorer and my interest in the sport went up another gear then; 1995 was really the year that cemented my love of the sport.

Fights were still a regular feature on terrestrial and drew massive numbers, when big fights were on they were always in the pubs and the atmosphere was great.

1995 bought me Benn McClellan, Hamed Robinson and Holyfield Bowe 3; what a year!

Since then I have been in love with the sport, I particularly miss Hamed, Benn and Bruno because their fights transcended the sport.

The Manchester era was fantastic and I really miss all the wonderful all-nighters Sky used to put on.

Judgement Night in 1996? It was nearly ten hours long FFS!

Anway thats my memories
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