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Default Re: Why do ppl always say Duran moved up 2 weightclasses to beat Leonard?

He was coming off the greatest performance of his career going into New Orleans. He was absolutely in his prime, if at the tail end of it. It was the shape he turned up in and lack of conditioning for that particular fight that was different. Tyson has the same sob story, and it's simply too bad. But just as Douglas could've posed problems regardless, the style Leonard employed would've made for a far different fight, but it's one in which Duran could've been far better prepared to deal with. It wasn't a shutout as it was, and getting on his Kawasaki wasn't going to be enough to take the fight against a dedicated and persistent version. Duran was too good at closing distance thanks to his feinting and own underrated and economical footwork. Leonard would have to open up, and he could not outskill or outfight Duran inside to mid-range. It would've been close as all hell imo.
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