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Default Re: Why do ppl always say Duran moved up 2 weightclasses to beat Leonard?

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
Hey MAG,

What type of effort do you think Robinson would make to fight Hearns if they shared the same era? Would he have the ***** to fight him like Leonard did or would he be too pretty to suffer detached retinas in seizing greatness?

Do you think Hearns should rate above Hagler considering their H2H was at Hearns third best weight class and that he beat top fighters at 147, 154, 160, 168 and 175 alike compared to Marvin building his legacy solely at MW?
I think Robbie wouldve worn down the less experienced Hearns. he wouldve sniffed out his weakness which included lack of strength, & stamina. he just didnt look strong. What did he have, a nice left jab?

Robinson wins probably within 12

Tommy's best weight was probably 154-160 as one might expect from a man 6-1. Notice how nicely he had filled out with much needed muscle in the Duran fight on thru the Hutchins fight and in the Shuler fight, Tommy had never been better
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