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Default Flintoff raised his own profile, whilst lowering the sports profile.

Firstly, respect to Freddie Flintoff for training hard & getting in shape. But I cant believe people thought this was good for the sport. I get into work today, and all anybody is talking about is Flintoff, and how bad he looked.

David Price, one of the “worlds” top heavyweight prospects fought on the same night, and he didn’t get any exposure.

Flintoff totally stole all the limelight and all the headlines. (not his fault i know)

Freddie didn’t generate any additional exposure for the sport, neither has he brought new fans to Boxing. The only profile he raised was his own.

Id actually say he has done the sport damage. All the casuals and non boxing fans in my office thought it was one big joke. Nobody has said “Freddie was a bit **** but that big lump Price looks good”

Im not ****ting on Freddie, because the documentary proved how hard he trained and how dedicated he was to the sport. I think he has tried his upmost to respect the sport from a personal level, but I think it backfired on a public level.

I think its best for all concerned that Freddie doesn’t fight again but if he does. It must be on an undercard, preferably the first fight on the bill.
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