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Default Re: Jeffries v Quarry

Originally Posted by Mendoza View Post
Jeffries hit harder than Quarry based on the fact that he floored everyone in his prime, and produced far more ten counts. A few historians felt Jeffries was an all time puncher. Odd and Diamond for example. Or to use a name you might be more familiar with Tex Rickard said Jeffries hit harder then Dempsey. now do you still think Quarry hit harder

Jeffries is bigger, stronger, has more reach, and probably has the edge on every part of the tale of the tape. Is this enough advantages for you?

Quarry's weight is well within the range of Jeffries opponents, and Quarry's best weight is under 200 pounds.

Jackson was 195, Ruhlin 200 for both fights, and Munroe 215 when they fought Jeffries. Kennedy was likely over 190 as well, and Johnson was 208. I count five, not four...

As for footage I have seen Jeffries sparring with Ryan, and hitting a heavy bag, which are clips most here have not seen. If his work out clips vs Ruhlin which you have seen, you can see plenty of speed, footwork and defense.
Fight footage was requested ,not training clips which are worthless. Jeffries failed to stop.
Choynski who was conceding 67lbs! and he had 20 rds to do it in

Sharkey who was 6inches shorter, and between 32 & 35lbs lighter, went 45rds with Jeffries. Fitz kod Sharkey twice with one punch.
Armstrong who was kod quickly in a few fights, he went 10 rds to a finish, he was conceding 25lbs ,and had just been kod in 5 rds by Pete Everett.

Ruhlin in their first fight & and their second was a corner retirement. Griffin ,who was conceding 40lbs.

Jeffries was always the bigger heavier man.
It took him 23rds to beat a long retired Corbett whom a167lbs Fitz took out with ONE shot when Corbett was prime.

It took Jeffries 11 rds to stop a long retired Fitz.
These are NOT the results of a top flight banger.
Quarry kod ranked heavyweights scaling 200lbs plus , Jeffries never did.

I think Quarry 's power was probably comparable to Jeffries, and he was hitting significantly bigger men while wearing a lot bigger gloves, and men their prime, not recycled old guys. .

The fact that Jefffries was bigger than Quarry means what? **** ALL.
So were Lyle , Shavers, Mathis, Foster,Ellis, Spencer ,and Patterson.

The smaller quality men Jeffries fought gave him hell.
Still no sign of any sources or names? I'll give you this ,you are consistant, you have NEVER produced a single, solitary primary source to back up any of your claims .
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