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Default Re: People talk bad about Pacquaio's competition, yet say Mayweather fights the best?

Originally Posted by larryx2012 View Post
manny fights p4p fighters???lmfao Floyd beat #2 Jmm and #3 shane back to back..what the hell are you talking about? this isnt even up for debate since 2009 floyds resume ****s on mannys i posted facts you are posting babbling garbage....

Jmm-#2 p4p
shane-#3 p4p and wba ww champ and #1 ww
ortiz-#2 ww and wbc champ
Cotto-#1 154 fighter and wba champ

show me 1 damn current ww champ manny has faced since me 1 damn top ranked ww he has faced since 2009
Oh my word, what bull! LOL
Floyd beat Marquez who was a lightweight, fighting at welter for the first time. He did not handle the gain at all well, and Floyd didn't respect the catchweight coming in 2lb over...and you want to give Floyd credit? Not to mention the fact JMM style is tailor made for Floyd who is bigger, with the much longer reach and never comes forward.

Floyd's welterweight resume is a joke considering he's been fighting at that weight for 3 more years than Pacquiao.

Cotto @154 was a shot fighter, a joke fight which has been proved. I said it at the time so this is zero hindsight at work. But you want to credit that? Victor Ortiz win is beyond a joke, both in terms of the guy's calibre and the manner of the KO.

Floyd avoided Mosley like the plague and took him on 2-3 years after the event and yet Shane nearly KO'd him early on. The same with a peak Cotto, Margarito and Williams when Floyd "retired" a.k.a. ducked.

Pacquiao walks around at 138, he's a natural lightweight fighting at welter. He needs to actually put on weight in training camp to get to 144. That's why Floyd gets less credit for the Marquez win, he's a naturally much bigger guy than Pacquiao.

You Mayweather fans are crazy LOL I'm not even what you would call a Pacquiao fan either
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