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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Originally Posted by general zod View Post
Eubank couldn't take body punches. It's the reason he was hitting and holding against Benn II, so Benn couldn't go to the body. It also explains why he turned down the McCallum fight.
Regardless, Eubank was extremely tough, and the only time he didn't finish a fight was when he was past his best, fighting 20 pounds above his natural weight. Toney isn't stopping Eubank, simple as that.

That was due to Tyson being so predictable and telegraphing his left hooks.
Regardless, my point stands. Griffin was able to have success counter-punching against Roy Jones, and Jones is probably the fastest LHW of all time, and he was as unpredictable as they come. Hopkins had success counter-punching Joe Calzaghe who was also unpredictable.

To be a counter puncher you have to wait for opponent to commit to a punch then exploit the opening his offense provides. Eubank wasn't even able to do that consistently against a plodder like Collins
ok thanks for the tip coach - I'll bare it in mind when I'm sparring tomorrow

Who did Eubank fight who was as fast as Toney?
He had his hands full with slow Collins
Nigel Benn

I said that Eubank's footwork was sloppy and I gave fights which highlighted that fact: Collins and Calzaghe.

He squared himself up and got dropped by a pillow fisted Collins. He also was lunging and off balance when he got dropped by Calzaghe.
Neither of those guys are similar to Toney in any way

LHW Toney was not as good as smw Toney, for obvious reasons
Why? LHW Toney didn't have to cut excessive amounts of weight to make 168

Dave Tiberi was on the same level as Collins who beat Eubank twice.
you think Dave Tiberi would be able to give Mike Mccallum a good hard fight like Collins did? You think Dave Tiberi could fight Reggie Johnson to an SD?

Griffin would of beat Eubank, especially with Futch in his corner
Quite possibly, but Griffin was a natural LHW, Eubank started his career at MW - There isn't much between them

Toney won the Thadzi fight and got robbed. Just like Thornton "the punching postman" beat Eubank and got robbed or how about club fighter Schommer who also beat Eubank and got robbed.

Toney didn't get robbed against Thadzi, that was a close fight that many feel Thadzi edged on work-rate. A robbery would be - Lewis-Holyfield 1, Whitaker-Chavez

Toney-Thadzi is no robbery. But regardless, Toney also has two losses to club fighters in Thadzi and Tiberi - both guys were prone to off nights. For the sake of a mythical H2H match up, I'm looking at both guys on a good night

Griffin while he was with Futch was better than Eubank, which is why he had two wins over Toney(HOFer) and a win over prime Jones(ATG). No win of Eubank's can compare to those.

Grffin was not that similar to Eubank either.

How much stock do you put in Griffin's win over Jones? Most feel he got fortunate under the circumstances and whilst I had Griffin winning at that point, it looked like Jones was going to stop him before long. Fighters have gotten away with worse than what Roy got DQ'd for.

Eubank was at his best at mw, he slipped a number of steps when he moved to smw, which is why he struggled with most of his opponents no matter how mediocre they were.


In the video above Toney is calling out Eubank when they're both at SMW!


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