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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Originally Posted by general zod View Post
I never said he would. You are the one you claimed that Toney couldn't hurt Eubank

He wouldn't hurt Eubank

How? By using a case of Evander fighting a predictable Tyson who was throwing single shots at a time?

Strawman argument

You said you need a speed advantage to counter, I said you didn't with an example, now you're backpeddling

You obviously have not watched that fight
Good one

Maybe I was watching another fight where Hopkins was throwing right hand LEADS then clinching GIFSoup[/quote]

You obviously have not watched that fight

I find it strange when people go out of their way to claim certain things. I have never felt any need to highlight my martial arts background here. In fact I would say it was quite irrelevant. Either what I say makes sense or it does not

What's your martial arts background? Not a wind up, I'm interested, I used to do a little bit of martial arts years ago,

Hell no
Benn tended to load up on his punches

You think Toney was faster than Benn??

What are you talking about? I named the Collins and Calzaghe fights as examples where Eubank's footwork was sloppy.
How is that relevant? Toney is not similar to Collins or Calzaghe at all

Do you think walking into the ring carrying excess fat hinders you or helps you?
Toney carried excess fat as a SMW, at LHW he didn't have to cut that extra 7 pounds

McCallum was not a big hitter at mw. I'm sure quite a few tough limited natural mw's would of been able to go the distance with him. Doesn't mean they were anywhere near as good as him.

I'm sure Tiberi could of gone the distance with McCallum. If he could take Toney's punches then he could take Mccallum's

Collins pushed Mccallum and gave him a hard fight.

Please stop boxrecingReggie Johnson clearly won that fight. You would now that if you actually watched it

zzz.... I never said Collins won, I said it was a close fight, which it was. You know it was a close fight, so why be disingenuous?

Griffin would of out-boxed him.
The fact that they made their pro debuts at different weight classes is irrelevant here, especially with Griffin being such a small lhw.

Griffin's prime was at LHW, Eubank's between MW-SMW. If they were the same size, I'd say it's a close fight.

The only people I have ever come across who claim that tend to be Toney haters.
Like the judges? Perhaps the commentators who scored it to Thadzi, or several fans on boxing boards who also scored it to Thadzi. Google it and look around, don't get upset and defensive and accuse everyone of being a Toney hater

You are the one who brought up Toney's losses to Thadzi and Tiberi

Dave Tiberi was not a club fighter either. A club fighter would be someone like Dan Schommer
My bad, tell me more about the great Dave Tiberi please

A solid win for Griffin. Jones deserved to get dqed

Maybe and maybe not.
Here we go again
your post

Eubank was at his best at mw as well

Are you blind? Toney called Eubank out when they were at SMW - watch the video in the OP. IF they were to fight, it would have been at SMW.

Eubank was done as a world class fighter after the Watson I fight. He refused to train properly and by the time of the Schommer fight he was only training one week before fights. It's the reason he struggled with almost everyone at smw

Compare their performances against Thornton. Toney toyed with Thornton and carried him to the end of the fight. Eubank struggled and should of lost that fight

Triangle theory?
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