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Default Re: How important is strength in punching power?

Originally Posted by The Funny Man 7 View Post
The fight between Freddie Pendtleton and Rafa Ruelas is an interesting clash of sharp, ambush power against slower, stronger, clubbing shots. Obviously a lot of other variables went into shaping that fight, but its one case where two formidble hitters with two different types of power fought.

I once read a fascinating piece in a very old Ring Magazine where Georges Carpentier talked about everything that factors into knockout power.

He pointed out very astutely that for a all their supposed strength guys like Marciano and Foreman etc almost always scored their knockouts by gradually beating their opponents senseless with a number of shots, while fighters with a greater focus on skill, fluidity, and timing, like himself and SRR etc scored far more one punch knockouts through precision, mechanics, and the element of surprise.
That element of surprise is so key. Seeing a punch coming in any meaningful way allows the body to prepare for it, and the boxer to roll with it, partially block it, or defend against it SOMEHOW.

The big, flush, surprise shot can spark a guy. I've walloped on people with no effect, having to just beat them down, then watched another guy with a worse record spark em with a weak looking punch. I think surprise and timing are EVERYTHING.
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