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Default Re: Classic James Toney stuff from 1993 haha

Originally Posted by general zod View Post
Yes, he would.
Eubank obviously knew McCallum's punches would mess him up' which is why he turned that fight down. Toney hit much harder than McCallum.

We'll agree to disagree here

Which punches was Holyfield countering?

Which punches of Jones was Griffin countering?

You said it yourself, Holyfield could predict when Tyson would launch his left hook as he loaded it up.

As for Jones-Griffin - it's been a while since I've watched it, unfortunately I don't possess a photographic memory


Have a watch through that and see Griffin landing counters especially in the exchanges

You class that as counter punching
I would consider the right hand that Hopkins lands at the end there as a counter punch. He landed other good shots like that

Like I said before its irrelevant.

Why? We're on a boxing and MMA forum. I always enjoy reading people's stories and experiences on here, boxing or martial arts. Nothing wrong with sharing them

Toney is lightning fast there to be fair, though I still consider Benn quicker, especially with his feet

Does he have to be?
Look at Eubank's footwork in those fights. Look how he is out of position and squared up, so he gets dropped by a right hook from a light hitting opponent.
Another example would be that "kung fu kick" he did during Benn II

Depends on how he'd approach a fight against Toney. For starters, Toney wouldn't bring the pressure that Benn did, and he'd be wary of his counter punching, as opposed to Collins and Calzaghe who weren't regarded as counter punchers (though Calzaghe developed that skill later in his career).

During which fights?

Toney as a SMW from the fight with Roy - clearly carrying excess fat

Mccallum won the first 5 rounds easy, as Collins was getting picked off with ease. When Collins became aggressive and a little reckless, he pressured Mike and won rounds

Johnson won by at least 2 points. It was competitive at parts, but Johnson was the much better fighter.
I agree Johnson was better, but Collins gave him a hard fight, it was close certainly to an extent. You said Tiberi was the same level as Collins, I disagree

What are you talking about? Eubank could of easily moved up to lhw.
True, but starting at MW and then ending up at LHW isn't the same as starting at LHW

The judges and the commentators also scored Pac-Jmm III for Pacquaio do you agree with that?
That was a close fight, but not a good example. It's pretty widely accepted that JMM won, I had him winning 115-113 when I watched it, though I've seen people's scorecards that have JMM winning 117-111, a few had it for Pac.

Toney-Thadzi was a close fight, many people have it for Thadzi, whereas few have it for Pac, many have it for Thadzi, it wasn't a robbery. At the end of the day, Toney should deal with a guy like Thadzi easy, he was levels above him.

Why don't you post up your scorecard or are you just going from what others are saying?
Why would I have a Toney-Thadzi scorecard with me now. For recent fights I keep them on my iphone now, but before then I would write them on paper and I don't have them on me

At the end of the day, it was a close fight, certainly not a robbery and not many argue that Thadzi didn't deserve it. It is what it is.

I never said he was great.
I just pointed out that he was not a club fighter. He was a ordinary FULL TIME fighter who had worked his way up to the top of the ibf rankings to get a title shot.
At the end of the day, Toney had no business losing to him. It would be the equivalent of Mayweather losing to someone like Matthew Hatton

Schommer on the other side had, had only 2 fights in the previous three years before fighting Eubank an worked full time in a office job.
True, Eubank-Schommer was embarrassing, Eubank had no business losing to him either.

Your post

Is this not your post?


Toney called Eubank out when they were at SMW, not MW. They would have fought at SMW. Not really sure how much clearer I can make that for you?

How on earth was I using triangle theory? Toney toyed with the sort of fighters who Eubank struggled with. Malinga? Schommer? Close? Thornton? Collins? Who on earth did Collins beat outside of Eubank?

Styles make fights

I know Eubank struggled with Collins, but Collins brought non stop pressure - Toney was more skilled and didn't fight anything like that - which is what would suit Eubank more
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