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Default Re: GSP apparently asking for 50Mill

Originally Posted by 300press View Post
Have you even seen a Pride FC show? 100,000 people in attendance regularly. If they marketed it right they could do it. You are talking about American balonie numbers, and im not going to to even entertain having a debate on that. To get a 100k-150k gate it would have to be a outdoor stadium in a overseas country (Japan, Brazil, China exc.) You are comparing apples and oranges my friend. Even look at the Mayweather/Cotto fight, Mayweather took home like 30 million? I don't see the problem with GSP/Silva getting that. But you are obviously are the expert ****yst here, and clearly I don't know what im talking about.
They take home 30 mil and its all theirs. The UFC want to take home a huge amount to re-invest in the sport and also be very profitable.

The reality is that most boxing promoters go broke and many of the ones that are still around are only around because they register under a different name.
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