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Default Re: How important is strength in punching power?

Originally Posted by The Funny Man 7 View Post
JG its interesting that you brought up Lew Jenkins. That guy has always fascinated me. It sounds like he was a terrifying puncher, especially judging by the way he completely evicerated a very underrated great like Lou Ambers (twice).

I also saw a photo from a fight between Jenkins and Armstrong. Jenkins was on the canvas but Armstrong's face was an ungodly mess. I honestly wouldn't have known it was Henry Armstrong if not for the caption. It looked like someone had set his face on fire and put it out with a shovel.

Can you share any stories about Jenkins? Who do you reckon hit harder, him or Ike Williams? Hoping to hear anything on the matter.
Tough question, TFM7. By the look of them, one would instantly pick Williams -- shredded 'n all sinew -- a picture puncher.

When Jenkins took off his robe he looked like he should've been on life support at a hospital.

But the moment he hit anybody with his right -- sparring or in a fight -- they looked like they stepped on the third rail.

If anybody looked at him crosswise (or he thought they did) after sparring, he'd flatten them too, then jump on his motorcycle 'n roar outta Stillman's for booze 'n more trouble till the next day.

A vampire needed blood. Jenkins also had a bloodlust. He'd tackle no matter how many or how big. It wasn't anger that fueled him; it was love for fighting.
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