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Default Re: This Generation is Ending. I'll explain.

This generation has great talent albeit only 3 people(Mares,Ward,Donaire) with two pending and untested(Broner & Alvarez). Mikey and GRJr can become something special but that also remains seen. G'z I guess belongs in this generation as well as Rigo but again are more examples of fighters that have yet to show how they'll pan out.

So only 3 are pretty much locked for greatness in Donaire, Ward, and Mares so far which looks very bad. Still we don't know how the rest will turn out. What's most harmful are the important fights not happening which will kill boxing if nothing's done soon.

Props for every fighter elite or not from the generation that just passed and hope they remain in decent health. Hate to see what happened to Roy but he knows the risks and if he dies in their that's because of his stupidity. Hope no other boxer follows suit. Hopkins, kick rocks ya should be extenze commercials now ya old fart!
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