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Originally Posted by Michael300 View Post
I just can't believe there is even a discussion about Hatton fighting Cotto now!

Nothing wrong with 'what if's?' but to think that Hatton would stand any chance whatsoever now is absolutely crazy IMO.

He is completely shot.

I loved him as a fighter, I'm not hating here at all, but I know what I saw and I can see how far he has fallen.

Cotto is not shot, granted he is probably not the fighter he once was but Trout is alot better than many think and I think his next few results will put Cotto's defeat into context.

Cotto now would absolutely obliterate Hatton, it would be horrible to watch and it would prove absolutely nothing, it would simply be a money making exercise.

Never gonna happen.
147..? Cotto is a emotional wreck, he would crumble at 147.
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