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Default Re: GSP apparently asking for 50Mill

Originally Posted by 300press View Post
Have you even seen a Pride FC show? 100,000 people in attendance regularly.
And did they all pay $1400 to see ant size fighters duke it out? No they didn't. And since you want to mention PRIDE, did the UFC keep the PRIDE namesake? No, and what is Japan's premier MMA promotion now? Dream is bankrupt according to MMA Weekly. Also, I want to see proof that there were 100K person crowds at Pride, because the largest according to ( the largest crowd in Japan's MMA history was 71,000 for Pride: Shockwave which was a co-promotion with K1 and even that even had only 50,000 paid. But please go on and tell me about the magic of marketing will completely crush all prior records and indicators that say the exact opposite.
If they marketed it right they could do it.
Yes convince people to part with their cold hard cash especially in a country like Brazil where the average monthly individual income is about $630 USD. Good luck trying to sell those cheap seats at a super premium there. Or should they go to Japan, where Dream fell apart. Their largest promotion was bought out and closed.

You are talking about American balonie numbers, and im not going to to even entertain having a debate on that.
Its bologna or (boloney, baloney[1] or polony), not balonie.

To get a 100k-150k gate it would have to be a outdoor stadium in a overseas country (Japan, Brazil, China exc.)
No ****, and once again it doesn't work. It hasn't worked for Boxing nor MMA. And it will never work. Want to know why? Becuase people are not going to pay anything close to top dollar to be in the nose bleeds watching something that will look like a postage stamp from their vantage point. You can get a 100K person gate, you'll never get $150M out of that gate.

You are comparing apples and oranges my friend.
No its called comparable data.

Even look at the Mayweather/Cotto fight, Mayweather took home like 30 million?
Yeah, what's $20M difference from the amount they allege that GSP wanted? Nice moving the goal posts there.

I don't see the problem with GSP/Silva getting that.
Neither do I but I didn't argue against him getting $30M, I argued against him getting $50M.

But you are obviously are the expert ****yst here, and clearly I don't know what im talking about.
Hell of a lot closer to one than you are.
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