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Default Re: Alvarez just slighly below Mayweather?

I'm not making any huge claims that anybody is "the real deal" or anything like that. But I do think Canelo would beat Mayweather right now. Might even stop him. Mayweather knows this, and thats why Mayweather is looking for "other opponents" on the same day Canelo is supposed to be fighting. Canelo is a huge name in Mexico and with Mexican fans in the U.S... it would be an enormous money fight... don't you think Mayweather would be jumping all over this if he thought it was a winnable fight? He knows it ain't.

It might be an unpopular opinion or whatever but mark my motha****in words. If it turns out I'm wrong that Mayweather won't fight Canelo... Y'all will see that I'm right that Canelo beats him.
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