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Default Re: What did boxing look like when you first got into it? (nostalgia thread)

My first boxing memory was a news report: Reporting on Chris Eubank beating Nigel Benn.

I can also remember the build up to Frank Bruno vs Lennox Lewis, my mum was not allowing me to watch it..? Because i was a aggressive child in school, and also aggressive towards my older brother...

I can remember getting excited, by the Frank Bruno vs Lennox Lewis advert! where they where stepping out of the smoke etc...

On the night of the fight, i can remember going mental in the sweet shop. Just kind of running around, and throwing punches! and asking my mum whether i can watch the fight.

I was also banned from watching Rocky 4, around about this time aswell.

So taking all of this into account.

Chris Eubank's fights where the fights i can vividly remember watching.
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