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Default Re: Vazquez vs Gesta

I haven't seen Gesta but i wasn't impressed with Vasquez against Quintero. Maybe it was the fact he knew he had Gesta up next and looked past Marvin but his defence was sloppy. He didn't find range well until midway through the contest, he only adapted around round 9.

He didn't put a dent in a normally shakey guy in Quintero and was taking shots himself and ran close, very close!. He's awkward but Quintero's plan was smart as he waited at range and enticed Vasquez to lead off and fall him and started to cut the ring off better in middle rounds.

Vasquez won the fight when he stood centre ring in round 9 IIRC. Quintero never really recovered with the change of plan even when Vasquez reverted back to circling from outside.

I've heard Gesta bangs a bit, This could be a corker if he can trap Vasquez and smartly force him into a fight without being over zealous early.
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