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Default Re: Austin ''No Doubt'' Trout Vs Saul ''Canelo'' Alvarez: Who Wins & Why?

We should be careful not to undersell Alvarez in this fight though, I feel like its kinda tempting to side with Trout after the other night, and to be too concerned about "not following the crowd" with Alvarez's hype and therefore to underrate his chances.

It's a much different fight to Cotto. Alvarez is completely different. Alvarez is very methodical, he doesn't make that many mistakes. Sure, he's not the quickest or the most immediately impressive but his style is not that exploitable overall. It's easy to imagine Trout outspeeding him, but Alvarez uses the element of surprise well when he launches his attacks. Kinda like Abraham does, only a lot more technically adept. He's also got a tight defence, and he's not that easy to counterpunch because of his burst style. So I don't think Trout does that much eye catching work in this fight and you gotta balance the fact that while Trout does outspeed him and outwork him, in all probability Canelo throws the harder, more eye catching combinations and carries the greater power.

Could be a controversial decision.
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