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Default Re: Vazquez vs Gesta

I think it was Gesta where last time I saw him he looked like he had roots.

He seriously needs to quicken that footwork up, look a bit more lively against Vasquez. That's what Vasquez's whole game is based around exploiting. It's okay looking for power but you gotta be able to find the guy.

Vasquez was poor in his last fight. Very negative approach. There is good ring generalship then there is stinking the joint out, and Vasquez's approach teetered a little too close to the latter for comfort.

I don't think Vasquez is the real deal we thought he may have been. I think he just happened to exploit Prescott, who is basically a complete and utter re**** as a fighter. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and fights to them but somehow I'm more convinced he's waiting to be dethroned rather than being some Carlos Molina under the radar type 'a little boring but basically damn good at it' type fighter.
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