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Default Re: GSP apparently asking for 50Mill

Originally Posted by 300press View Post
Atlanta you have proved two things in this thread.

1. You have no life
2. You are good at using Google

I am actually shocked at the lengths you went in this thread to disprove me. You are probably sitting back right now thinking you are the man. The don't have a life. You have been on the board since 2009 and you have posted over 17,000 times? Break it down that is over 700 times a month for 2 years straight! You have double the post in one month... than I do since 2004!

You think posting all this google recycled **** makes you smart a monkey could do it. Anybody can see that. I can tell you are the type of guy that has never trained martial arts, probably never played sports and i'll go as far as to say you have probably never had a steady girlfriend. How could you when you post on here 100 times a day. It is actually sad.

Like I said initially you made some good points, but then you went off and cut and pasted your way to fame. I know martial arts, I've been a Shodan in Judo since 2008. I don't need to listen to some arm chair athlete tell me otherwise.

NOW. Dissect my entire post like you did earlier, break it down line for line. Try to prove me wrong. Because we all know you are the best. Just do it before Mommy comes home, because you have to be off the computer by supper time!!!
Jesus, that was one-sided. You talked a whole lot of ridiculous nonsense, showed that you have no idea about the realities of hosting events, and then he clowned you bad. Your response there was just embarrassing. You lost the argument mate, and have been reduced to "But I'm tougher than you, you pencil-necked geek, and I bet you're a virgin too!"

Maybe in real life you could have punched him in response and felt like you won the argument, but on the internet you just look like a halfwit tool.

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