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Default Re: Mike Tyson: "Pacquiao BEATS Floyd". KO's Him!

Originally Posted by Frekky View Post
Upon retiring, all of Mike Tyson's ****yses and prediction were spot on. That's why boxing ****ysts asks for his comments.

Here is the legendary Mike Tyson's no-holds barred ****ysis.

1. Stylistic Nightmare for even the defensive skill-set of Floyd. This from the legendary Mike Tyson.

2. Pacquiao goes all out with his offense not thinking like a "boxer" but a natural offensive machine that he is. He beats anybody.

3. And Mike Tyson knows that Floyd knows it, that's why the fight has never taken place, hahahaha. MIKE TYSON KNOWS!!!!

Here is the shortened yahoo interview:

Longer version at the Scene
What's up dude! My man Frekky speaking the truth... Ohhh yeah baby!

Mike Tyson knows his boxing... Ohhhhh Yeah
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