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Default Re: Marquez will stop Pacquiao this Saturday

Originally Posted by tonys333 View Post
i didnt think it was a robbery i did think jmm won 113 115 but it was a close fight like they all have been an it could have went either way an imo the only reason jmm lost was cuz he took his foot off the gas for the last part of the fight.
Alot of people think it was a robbery and had it wide for Marquez.

The only reason you think Marquez took his foot off the gas is because HBO likely told you to think that.

Lots of 8-4 and 9-3 score cards out there in favor of Marquez, there's hardly anybody thats willing to admit they had it that wide for Pacquiao.

Dont kid yourself my friend, the fight was a robbery, every fact points to it!
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