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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.


Yeah, you quoted this already. What I asked you for was some back up to your claim that "many ringsiders thought that Holyfield won the rematch. Won the rematch, not "didn't enjoy the fight" (like I give a ****).
There is at least one out there, see if you can add to it in support of your rather spurious claim.[/quote]Look up the article I gave you. The writer reports how many of the crowd were chanting things like "robbery" or "bull****" after Lewis was announced the winner of the Holyfield rematch.

And this is your version of "a struggle"?? Kicking solid **** out of him for 8 rounds with a broken hand? What's wrong with you?
It's borderline immoral to fight a fighter as past his prime as Tyson was. Any prime ATG champion would beat the 2002 version of Tyson. That fight was meaningless. And as bad as Tyson was,Lewis didnt look so great doing it. That fight was a joke. The name looks good on the record but when you did deeper you realize it was a sham.

I don't have any fighters in my family. Whenever I see total trolls on this forum cherry-picking "facts" to run one of these people, not members of my family, I step in to correct them. Because it's ****ing embarrassing for ESB.
You ****ing guys think that anyone who disagrees is a "troll." It's called an opinion based on news articles and video. You choose to believe the Lewis myth that's your choice. What the **** is it with that "troll" anyway. It's a complete nonsensical hipster word. Only chi chi men would use them kinds of insults when they have nothing left to say.

Whatever,in my house we refer to Lennox as "Lummox Lewis,the glass chinned cherry picking con man."
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