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Default Re: Why do ppl always say Duran moved up 2 weightclasses to beat Leonard?

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
that is an excuse for Duran. Duran gets school by Laing when he is still only 30 and he was washed up? Because he lost he was washed up not because anyone beat him. Benitez beat Duran easily when Duran was only 30 years old and had 20 more years of boxing left. I think Duran fought 50 more times after Benitez.
I think to say Benitez is overrated then people definitely have to say so is Duran. Benitez beat Cervantes and Duran, and Duran beat Leonard. But Leonard then outclassed Duran and so did Benitez. I would even say Benitez best win was Duran. Duran knew what was in front of him and he had a belt there to win and that was not a Kirkland Laing situation. We can throw the Laing fight out and say Duran knew Benitez was an important fight. He just couldn't deal with the speed.
. And then you have to take into consideration Benitez being the youngest man ever to win a belt. 3 title reigns. Beating Weston,Shields,Duran,Cervantes,Curry, Palominio and fighting Leonard and Hearns. I don't think he is overrated. The record shows he beat Curry. I would even say that I think Benitez best reign was 154.
Benitez ranked because of his era? Perhaps a little. When you fight Hearns,Leonard and Duran in that era and beat Duran you are going to get some mention, and he is a big footnote to the careers of Leonard and Hearns since those two guys won their 147 for Leonard and 154 pound title for Hearns.
The record shows he beat curry, how about you actually watch the fight. I saw it as a Clear 6-4 or even 7-3 win for Bruce. The puerto ricans in the crowd booed loudly when benitez was given his christmas gift. Not to mention that i just finished watching the fight with palomino and this was far from a clear cut win, hell i saw the fight as even. Benitez regularly fought to the level of his opposition, not an all timer. Then again you are a fab 4 mark, so its expected.
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