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Default Re: who is this keith thurman fella? any good?

Originally Posted by Brickhaus View Post
His trainer, Dan Birmingham, is plenty good and has been training him since he was an amateur. He has tons of experience facing top flight fighters, and before he was even a pro was already sparring guys like Winky Wright, Jeff Lacy and Chad Dawson.

I don't think we've seen all the tricks up Thurman's sleeve just yet. He's fighting aggressive and powerfully because his opponents haven't been at his level. I think we'll see a much more measured fighter who pays more attention to defense once the level of his opposition moves up a notch or two. His natural style is really more boxer-puncher than brawler, but we haven't seen that too much yet because he's been able to blast his recent opponents out of there.
This is a very good point. Of course, we just don't know, but you can see the POSSIBILITY of greatness in this guy. He has good balance, good foot speed, and he likes to throw combinations. He also has an instinct for finishing his opponent. He definitely leaves himself open too much, doesn't move enough after throwing big shots, and he almost clowns around ala Wilder, but like Brickhaus wrote, that can be due to sub-par opponents.

He needs one major loss, (or a really close, tough win) as a wake-up call. Then he might hone those skills, and get rid of the bad habits that will cost him at the elite level.

For now, he's just fun to root for. You know he's not ever going to be boring.
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