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Default Re: Who do you think won this round

Originally Posted by RichC View Post
I have no idea who won that round - very difficult to score.

Must say, you defo have plenty of heart though. Well done.

Not sure how they score bout over in your country but in most amateur bouts, the winner is decided by counting the number of clean blows landed on the target area, with force and delivered with the knuckle part of the glove.

This means you can loose 2 rounds and still win the fight provided you land more total punches in total over the course of the bout.

Are you aware of this? I wasn't aware of this till my forth bout when I lost a majority - I couldn't understand how one of the judges could have me winning when I knew I had the lost the first 2 round badly.
Thanks i did not realize that the punches carried over that helps a lot
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