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Default Re: Why do ppl always say Duran moved up 2 weightclasses to beat Leonard?

Duran at 154+ resembles almost nothing of the force he'd previously been. His physical person couldn't even create an illusion. Slow as molasses, straight up and rigid, uncanny reflexes and fluid movement all but gone, hand speed completely compromised, on and on. Totally different fighter several, several levels below what he'd previously been. It's irrelevant how many more years or fights he had. His technique and skill allowed for that... To expect him to beat ATG's far younger and far more natural to the weights these fights took place is just beyond comprehension. I'd hardly even consider him part of the "Fab 4", really. He put his work in during the 70s and beat the odds to top out with one of the best wins of all-time, within the first six months of 1980.
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