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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by JeanPaulValley View Post

There is at least one out there, see if you can add to it in support of your rather spurious claim.Look up the article I gave you. The writer reports how many of the crowd were chanting things like "robbery" or "bull****" after Lewis was announced the winner of the Holyfield rematch.
Can you produce evidence to support your claim that "many ringsiders" thought that Lewis lost the rematch? A scorecard from a journalist who was at ringside, a judges scorecard, a broadcasters scorecard? You should really produce "many" of these to support your claim, but a couple will do me. Should be easy for you, there were so many of them according to you.

It's borderline immoral to fight a fighter as past his prime as Tyson was.
"borderline immoral" What's wrong with you?

That was the most anticipated fight in modern heavyweight history. It is the richest fight in heavyweight history. It is the msot watched fight in modern heavyweight history. And to you it was "borderline immoral"?? Both adults involved wanted it, the whole boxing world wanted it, there were millions and millions at stake and Tyson was ranked #2 in the world at heavy and you don't think it should have come of?

You see, the problem with a guy like you is, if Lewis hadn't met Tyson you'd be in here whining about the duck. As it is you are trying to paint the most inevitable fight of that decade as "borderilne immoral".

It's utterly bizarre, but I shouldn't be surprised really.

Any prime ATG champion would beat the 2002 version of Tyson.
So? What the **** does that prove? Every all time great prime champion would beat every figher that Marciano, Louis, Dempsey and Holmes ever faced.

That fight was meaningless.
SO unless an opponent can beat an ATG he is a meaningless opponent??? hahahaha

And as bad as Tyson was,Lewis didnt look so great doing it.
Although he was aclaimed by numerous ex professionals an excellent one, Foreman and McGrory amongst them.

You ****ing guys think that anyone who disagrees is a "troll."
Nope. There are dozens of contrary opinions on the forum. Those guys aren't trolls.

Trolls are guys who are only capable of forming one opinion. I know your opinion on every single matter relating to Lewis without asking you because only the most negative possible viewpoint is possible for you. I it is impossible for you to hold anything other than this view. Your opinion is not informed by "articles and video" is is pre-concieved by personal prejudice.

This is why you are a troll.

Whatever,in my house we refer to Lennox as "Lummox Lewis,the glass chinned cherry picking con man."
I'm sure you do refer to him as that in your completely empty house.
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