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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

I'm stupid? No sir. I have the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.
It is interesting that in your genius you neglect to address most of the points that are put to you and instead post drivel like the above.

If you saw Golota foul himself out of 2 titles,would you think him a good guy to fight?
Golota was a heralded, ranked opponent. He was the number four ****ing heavyweight in the world you idiot. Of COURSE he's a valid opponent.

This is the thing you seem completely unable to grasp. Lewis is one of the most dominant hw in history by the numbers, by the facts. What this means is, he wasn't playing the alphabet game and matching guys like Stander or Coopman a la Frazier and Ali he was only matching ranked contenders. So even if he was having soft defences they were still valid defences and were less soft than the counterparts in question.

Golota was ranked as the 4th best HW on the planet. Even if that was generous, what additional seven fighters can be ranked ahead of him? And if seven fighters can be ranked ahead of him, what is wrong with ranking the #11 ranked HW?

Your'e all over the place. You are retrospectively trying to deconstruct rankings that were built by a generally hostile boxing public Statside. Nobody was doing him any favours, but his record against ranking heavywights in unparalleled post-Holmes. It cannot work any more than it works when other idiots try to do it with Louis and even Ali, both of which are possible

Mercer smashed Lewis face to pieces and Lewis was given the decision like he was given his WBC title. Gift Wrapped.
Ludicrous thing to say, but as expected. Like I say, you are incapable of believing (or representing) anything different (which is why people call you a troll).

Lennox Lewis SD Ray Mercer

This is a really weird good fight with Lennox Lewis in the pocket swapping uppercuts (maybe in wee dress rehersal for Klitschko) but sometimes being outjabbed by a relative dwarf. Mercer's jab was a threat throughout, as was his bungling lunging style and his swarming attacks. On occasion these swarming attacks had Lewis in a spot of bother and he looks dog tired after just such a spell in the sixth, but Mercer perhaps saves him some serious bother by gassing all the more dramatically.

Round 4 is one of my favourite HW rounds with Lewis showing what he was so capable of but in a future echo of his immediate lineage, reluctunce to do it, devastating and elastic combinations and some really genuinely nice bodywork, which he had to can due to an aggressive and ill-judged warning from the awful Mercante Jnr about low blows.

For all the bluster and hubub surrounding this fight, I didn't have it that close with round 4 as the real turning point, Mercer is willing but his mind just refuses to sign off on the cheque his body needs to write to take the win. The desperate air surrounding the fight is perhaps more about the circumstances the two men find themselves in - Mercer one poor effort away from being put out to pasture, Lewis one loss away from a return to the UK - that lends it that feeling, that and the contradictory but exhorting rambles Steward offers up in the Lewis corner.

Lewis understandably bemoanded the size of the ring, and it's fair to say that a bigger ring brings a cleaner result, but he would later admit this fight did him a "world of good". Must be nice to find out you have heart, and even if the test has subsequently been overstated, Lennox certainly passed.

LEWIS: 3,4,6,7,8,9,10

MERCER 1,2,5.

I thought 3 and 5 were the only really arguable rounds, and they got one each.

You can paint it as a close fight if you wish (the judges certainly did) but the idea that it was wide for Mercer is questionable at best. Also, whining about Vitali's loss to Lewis whilst whining that Mercer "smashed his face to peices" is utterly pathetic.

Facts, as your so fond of them:

Lewis threw more punches.

Lewis landed more punches.

Lewis outlanded Mercer in terms of power-punches heavily, 129-89 by compubox.
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