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Default Re: Why do ppl always say Duran moved up 2 weightclasses to beat Leonard?

Originally Posted by Hands of Iron View Post
Duran at 154+ resembles almost nothing of the force he'd previously been. His physical person couldn't even create an illusion. Slow as molasses, straight up and rigid, uncanny reflexes and fluid movement all but gone, hand speed completely compromised, on and on. Totally different fighter several, several levels below what he'd previously been. It's irrelevant how many more years or fights he had. His technique and skill allowed for that... To expect him to beat ATG's far younger and far more natural to the weights these fights took place is just beyond comprehension. I'd hardly even consider him part of the "Fab 4", really. He put his work in during the 70s and beat the odds to top out with one of the best wins of all-time, within the first six months of 1980.
when Duran was losing he never resembled Duran of the past since when he was younger he was winning, although his quality of opposition was not as great. I think you would admit he never beat a Hearns,Hagler,Leonard,Benitez level fighter at 135. So really the problem is when he stepped up in weight (a weight he fought at before Leonard,Hearns and Duran fought there) he had the excuse that he was past him prime and fighting too heavy, something other fighters to not have the luxury to use as an excuse. Why can't other fighters lose and people say well he was out of shape and didn't train or he was older at 29-32 years old or other ones. Most greats below heavyweight moved up and fought at higher divisions. Marvin Hagler who stays at his weight and never moves up is a rare thing. I never said Duran was not great, but he should have to take more responsibility to losing to ATG fighters. And the excuse he did not train is a poor one. He owed it to his fans to train as hard as he could especially for Hearns, Benitez, Hagler and Leonard.

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