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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by JeanPaulValley View Post
#1 You do realize that fans are considered ringside observers?
You know what i'm asking for and you cannot produce it. Tells its own story about you as a poster.

You do realize that fans chanting "bull****" when the decison is announced is a sure sign that the wrong man won?
You do realise that most "ringside observers" has Lewis winning clearly, including AP, who had it 116-113?

You do realise that Holyfield was an American hero and that Lewis was fighting in a foriegn country?

You do realise that Lewis landed no fewer than sixty more punches than Holyfield by compubox?

Again, i'm completely unsurprised that you are saying Holyfield beat Lewis in the second fight because you're incapable of seeing it any other way.

No. The Lewis- Tyson fight was a sham and we all knew it. Even Emmanuel Steward commented before the fight saying:
"Everyone is holding on to that image of Mike Tyson from 10 to 12 years ago...that Mike Tyson is gone."
"We all knew it" Then why did "we" tune in in record numbers? Why did "we" demand the fight happen?

Of course Tyson was not prime. But, for the third time, he was ranked #2 in the world, the boxing public absolutely demanded it and for it not to happen would have been almost unthinkable. But you don't consider all of that because you like to cherry pick your facts.

So you're gonna tell me how I reach my own conclusion? Weird.
I have given you enough. I have given articles,I have given quotes,I can give you video and it's all out there. Why would I have a personal prejudice against Lewis? Because he's English? No,I like Tyson Fury,Henry Cooper,Hamed etc
I have no idea why you have a personal prejudice but it is absolutely blatant, as blatant as any i've seen on here.

And it is not what you take into account, but the possibilities you exclude that paint you as ridiculous.

Consider this: lots of people telling you you are a troll. It's likely.

I will give you 100 articles written around Lewis time and you tell me,could all of these boxing writers have a prejudice against Lewis?
Yeah, they had a prejudice. The press always has a prejudice against "boxing" heavyweight champions rather than sluggers. This has been true of Tunney, Ali, Holmes, Lewis and now Wlad.

But I don't mind. Show me the one-hundred articles please.

Or are they all just reporting based on facts and what they truly believe? So I'm a troll because I told you basically what other people say about Lewis?
"Other people" don't take this attitude to Lewis. Yours is the most extreme viewpoint i've come across, ever.

, Welcome To Fool's Paradise. By Mitch Albom. Published: 02/12/1997

-Sports of the Times; Lewis's Legacy Is Taking a Beating
By DAVE ANDERSONPublished: June 23, 2003

-Champ, yes, but Lewis still has proven little
By Tim Graham
Special to

-Lennox Lewis - Overrated in retirement?
Top Rank Matchmaker Bruce Trampler

-Lewis had limited impact
by The Washington Times

-Close But No Cigar: The Trouble With Larry And Lennox
By Mike Casey (2006)

-BOXING; Despite Lack of Seasoning, Lewis Retains W.B.C. TitleBy TIMOTHY W. SMITHPublished: September 27, 1998
These aren't links - you're just typing titles Bet these magazines have seen a lot of "action" though.
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