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Default Re: That old cliché that fans from a certain neck of the woods 'know their boxing'

Originally Posted by Dunky McCafferty View Post
alrigt lads, sorry I made this thread and didnt get back to anyone, I was starting to feel a bit iffy when I put it in, & have been in my sickbed since! One of those nasty wee viruses where you just want to sleep all the time, & can concentrate on nothing! Im still struggling with it just now, but as I say, im not slating any fanbase, cos IMO out of everyone the irish know their boxing the most. It was just a good time to ask as a knowledgeable crowd were booing a tough fight on paper for Fury, so I just thought I would throw a question that has nagged me about this perception that a 'crowd' knows its boxing.

Some fine answers though, especially about the new breed of cokehead fans, & the type of fan Fury attracts. However, would it be right to think that the Belfast fans maybe just dont see Fury as truly one of their own yet cos he was born in England, & speaks with a manc accent? Not a loaded question, just an honest one.

Me personally, I see Fury more as an irishman than an englishman, hes so steeped in fighting tradition & just comes accross as a pure celt(for the young scottish lads here celt means celt, & not a Celtic fan as some of you think when I mention the word) to me.

Am I veering off a bit? Maybe! Im still unwell though, so thats my excuse
In my opinion, and others that ive spoken to, nobody really gives it a 2nd thought. If he wants to call himself Irish then thats his perogative, same as if he wants to call himself english. If a fighter kinda bases himself in the area, shows a bit of integrity, trains (among other places) in local clubs, sparring local fighters, and fighting out of the city, then the local boxing fans will take to him like they have with Fury. By all accounts hes a personable guy and when people are like that then word spreads. Its not the first time its happened here, it happened back in the early 90s with crisanto espana and paul hodkinson, to name but 2.

But, as likeable and good a guy as Fury seems, the 'purists' will not go and spend their hard-earned money to watch him fight because the matchmaking just isnt competitive. OK, every fighter needs weaned on a diet of certain types of fighters to improve their skills and progress up to international and world standard, but for whatever reason Fury isnt doing this (i personally blame Hennessey), ergo, most of the old skool fans wont go to watch him cos they arent mugs. The ****wits, cokeheads and travellers who DO go and watch Fury are another reason why some wont go, and i stress 'some'. You mark my words, if Fury gets beat in belfast there will be trouble at it. (****, theres even trouble when he wins!! i.e. the rogan fight).

Its nothing personal. If he engaged in evenly matched fights, then more would go to see him
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