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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by JeanPaulValley View Post
You want the links too? Goddamn you're a lazy ****sucker aren't you?
Do your own research scumbag I think we're done here.
proper little tantrum.

What I want is for you to respond to the poinst that are actually put to you rather than completely ignoring them. Yes, it is normal on the forum for people to back up their asertations -for example, you say that "other people" feel as you feel about Lewis, then you type a list of article title as proof. Of course, this constitutes no proof.

You say Mercer was robbed against Lewis. I reprint my scorecard, re-produce the punchstats (heavily weighed to Lewis). No response.

Holyfield II, the same.

In other words you take very extreme positions then refuse to defend them. I'm hardly alone in finding that unsatisfactory.

You were obviously rather entertained by our little discussions and it's safe to say that you have been soundly defeated.
good god.

It's over here. You're just not in my league junior! I give you facts,you say "no."
I don't think you've produced facts in this thread, if i'm honest. I think you've produced a skewed opinion, and re-typed some article titles. That's the same thing.

I give you Emmanuel Steward's quotes and you say "no."
This is an outright lie. I responded to both of your Emmanuel Steward quotes, once with a another Emmanuel Steward quote and once by saying that I agreed (That prime Tyson was gone).

You, on the other hand, completely ignroe the Emmanuel Steward quote I produced. You didn't even say "no".
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