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Default Re: Are Manchester fans the most disrespectful?

Originally Posted by PaulieMc View Post
Haye vs Harrison was when Haye was the world champion and a media darling, also when Harrison still had a bit of interest around him. When he fought Price it was a domestic fight and he (Harrison) was the laughing stock of the country and wouldn't sell a ticket if he'd fought anyone else, anywhere else.

Tyson Fury can't sell a ticket in Manchester even though he's got Channel 5, why do you think he keeps fighting Belfast?

Hatton's appeal has little to do with the fact he's a Mancunian. He appeals to ALL Brits because of his "bloke from the pub" personality. People from all over the country go to his fights, no just people from Manchester.

Apart from Hatton's comeback, when was the last time a Mancunian fighter sold out an arena or an arena sold out for a boxing event?

Ah right, Price sells out an arena in Liverpool and scousers are salt of the earth, best fans in the world blah blah blah, Hatton did the same but that wasnt cos he's a manc. I see.

And Fury fights alot in Belfast cos he sees himself as Irish.
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