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Default Re: Dana White At It Again

Originally Posted by Primenal View Post
I don't think they should have put the picture by itself like that. As part of a crazy skit it's different, but if people like myself look at a photo without knowing the rest of the story.. Dana White dressed as a hobo, asking for food, and saying "really booze" it is offensive. Why do you ask?
The sign is saying every homeless person, many of which are war veterans who had no job when they came back home and a drug addiction (addictions are a choice, but just saying). All these people are asking for $ not so they can eat, but buy booze.
I know I'm giving it more thought than it deserves, but nobody else can see why it'd be offensive to anybody. This is exactly the reason why... Picture taken out of it's context. Also I'm sure many homeless do buy booze with the $ they get, but I think it's sad when most of society automatically thinks of these people in this way.
So youre saying its offensive to drug addicts
Got it
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