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Default Any thoughts on Pac/JMM officials?

referee: Kenny Bayless | judge: Adalaide Byrd | judge: Steve Weisfeld | judge: John Keane

They've each been involved with at least one fight I've watched recently. Keane had Groves 115-114 over Degale. I thought that was slightly favorable to Groves, who was the more defensive fighter. He also landed slightly more punches at a higher %, mostly on counters, while DeGale created more of the action and landed the harder punches. That's how I saw it, anyway.

Byrd just scored 119-109 in favor of Trout, where the others had it 117-111. One of the 117-111 scores belonged to Weisfeld. I think everyone has fresh opinions of that one, but Byrd's score seems pretty favorable to Trout.

Also, both decisions in favor of the underdog that might have cost some people some money. I think Degale was the more hyped prospect in England and certainly, Cotto/Alvarez would generate plenty of cash.

Another notable decision by Weisfeld, however, is Adamek over Chambers, 116-112. Rewarding the aggressor and probably bigger cash cow with a poor decision in my opinion, though not as bad as another's 119-109.

Keane also had Ward over Froch 118-110, while the other two had it 115-113.

Those are just a few fights, but if you guys have more thoughts, we could have a clear picture of an important aspect of the fight. Tentatively, these sound like JMM judges.
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