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Default Why do some boxing 'fans' hate so much?

I appreciate that the nature of sport is that people support one side or the other, and that those supporters can be extremely passionate about their chosen side.

I can understand why in football for instance one set of fans think their team is the best (despite the results showing this to be untrue) and how it is particularly important to them that certain teams are beaten.

However what also happens a great deal is that when two teams who face each other are both of a high standard, and the viewers have no particular allegiance, both teams are cheered for and there is an appreciation of the skill and ability.

The World Cup is a great example of this.

Why is then that so many people can't be this way with boxing?

This site perfectly illustrates it.

Some posters on here have a genuine, almost obsessive, hatred of certain boxers; there is often no real reason for this.

Every chance they get they criticise certain boxers and spout nonsense based on very little evidence.

I ask myself why anyone would not want a boxer from their own country to succeed?

Why do some people think that in order to show support for one boxer they have to spout hatred for their nearest rival?

I just don't get it?!
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